七年级What color is it? 说课稿

  Good morning, everyone! My name"s Chen Y, from He Middle School. I’m happy to be here to say something about Starter Unit 3: what color is it? .

七年级What color is it? 说课稿

  Now I’m going to talk about teaching materials.

  Teaching materials:Starter Unit3 is the third Unit of the English book for the students in the first term of Grade 7. The topic is color. The important point is to let students know the different colors and how to ask colors in English. The difficult point is to let the students establish the ability of describing the nice things .

  Teaching methods: In order to attract students’interests and help them to digest the knowledge, I designed many fun activities.With the help of multimedia, the students are given different tasks to finish. They are divided into groups of six to compete with each other. At the same time the students in the same group cooperate and help with each other.

  Learning methods:With the help of pair work and group work, the students can cooperate and compete with each other to handle the difficulties during the class.

  Procedure Appraise

  By praising them with language and applause, I’ll make them experience more success and I’ll give them the chance to appraise each other. At the same time, I’ll give them marks according to their behavior in class, at last I will take a photo for the best group who gets the highest marks and show it in the classroom.

  Teaching procedures:

  Step1. Warming up.

  After simple greeting, I will play a short MV 《Color Song》. Students and I will sing with it. At the same time, someone will stand up who is wearing the same color clothes as the color in MV, in order to let students be enveloped in an atmosphere of joy and prepare for the new lesson.

  Step2. Presentation

  First, I will show the students some pictures about color of nature , using the beauty of nature stimulates students to talk about their favorite color and the reason to enlighten the building of thinking in English.

  Next,I will use the famous role of cartoons and the real things like Xiong Da and so on to review the words of color and learn the target sentences “What color is it? It’s.... ”.“What color are they? They’re...”These roles students like best will attract the students’ attention and add the more interests to learn the boring practice. Of course, it’s important to use different ways to practice.

  At last, using a color game to pair work. This game is like this, the color of character “红” is blue or others. Students make pair work “--What color is 红?-- It’s blue.” I’ll give them many characters to make conversations. This is to let students practice the target language and break the regular thinking to add the learning interests.

  Step 3. Check

  We have learned new words and sentences, I think it’s necessary to have a relaxing check, so I prepare three short games to make students understand and remember the color and the words better. And the target sentences will be used simply.

  Round 1, Sharp eyes. The picture about one color will appear quickly and then disappear in seconds. Other colors will be shown like this. If students see it clearly and know the color, they can stand up and shout out loudly. This game will let students have a move after long learning to attract their new attention.

  Round 2, Brain storm. Six different color will be showed on PPT. I’ll give students 30seconds to remember them with strong music. Then they will be covered. Students should answer the question “What color is it under No.5?”,one group one chance.If one group can’t answer rightly, other group who is the quickest can do it, and I will give the right group one mark. This game leads into the competition to make students more active and happier.

  Round 3, Sharp ear. Let students listen a short conversation. Then fill the colors in the blanks. There are three blanks,so I’ll use the way of the quiz show. Who is the quickest and the rightest, 2marks for their group. This is to check their ability of listening and spelling. After that, I will let them read it after the recorder loudly to practice their oral English.

  Step 4. Group work

  First I will give students an example about a conversation like this. (“--Hi, ...--- What’s this in English?--- It is ….--- Spell it, please...--- ….--- What color is it?--- It is …....”). Then students design their own conversation using their own things in their group with the beautiful music. The music is to make the shy student speak English more daring. After that, every group will show in class. I can give them different marks according to their show. This part not only review what we learned in Unit 1 and 2 and recycle the old knowledge but also practice the new language point:,What color is it. At the same time, they will learn how to cooperate with each other better.

  Next, we will make a listening practice, students should find what things they are talking about and what color they are, then finish the table. At last, students will make a report according to the table. This step is to help students improve their listening ability and prepare for the writing.

  Step 5. Drawing and writing by themselves

  First, see a short sand painting video 《You can also create the nice future》,when the picture is finished, students and I will describe it. Then students draw their own picture what they like. After that, they can make a writing based on their picture and show it in their group. At last, every group chooses the best one to show in class. This step is to make students give full scope to creativity and apply the language in a flexible way.

  Step 6. Sum up

  Recall the different colors and the sentence of how to ask colors with the game of “Flap a fly”.

  Step7 Test in class

  In order to check their effect of learning, I"ll give them some problems about the key language points.

  That’s all . Thank you !