教研活动的英语主持词 篇一

  Dear leaders, guests and teachers, good morning!

  In the waning March of spring flowers, we gather in this beautiful campus. First of all, I'd like to thank Mr. Yang from the teaching and Research Office for his trust in our school. On behalf of all teachers and students, I would like to express my warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and colleagues who have come to participate in this teaching and research activity. Let's take this opportunity to speak out, study and improve together. I believe that with your participation, this teaching and research activity will certainly be a new step!

  This teaching and research activity has the following links:

  The first part: please talk about your classroom.

  First of all, let's invite Wu Xiaorong, a teacher who offers lessons from Liuhu middle school, to talk about his idea of reviewing lessons.

  Let's invite Xia Dayin, the teacher of our school, to exchange teaching ideas and to reflect after class.

  The second part: invite Guo Wanjun, the teacher of Liuhu middle school, to comment and discuss the lesson.

  The third part: wonderful special report.

  Section 4: the classroom needs to be savored. In order to improve the taste of activities, enrich the connotation, give full play to the leading and guiding role of experts, and trigger the collision of thinking, we sincerely ask Mr. Yang, the political teaching researcher of the teaching and Research Office, to analyze the pulse of classroom teaching from a professional perspective, and to point out the maze for us.

  The fifth part: let's welcome President Li Chao to give a speech.

  Conclusion: if listening to a good lesson is a kind of enjoyment, then listening to experts' comments is a kind of enjoyment. Expert's comment is a kind of diagnosis and encouragement, which is an effective platform to improve the concept, adjust teaching and develop ability. Today we shared the classroom teaching of the ninth grade political review class, the same classroom, the same dream. With the encouragement and comments of the experts, I hope that the teachers will continue to move forward, practice and explore the teaching art. I believe that in the final review sprint, as long as we have more wisdom, less mediocrity, more innovation and less forms, our teaching flowers will be more colorful!

  Finally, once again, thank you leaders, thank you colleagues, thank you! This concludes today's event.













教研活动的英语主持词 篇二

  Dear Director Zhu of the district teaching and Research Office, experts, leaders of all brother schools, teachers:

  Good morning, everyone. Welcome to our nine-year school. In order to implement the key points of the 20 * * year work of the District Bureau of education and sports, according to the requirements of the "joint film teaching and research work" of the district teaching and Research Office, the Guanmiao joint film teaching and research activity of this semester is undertaken by Gongjin nine-year school. This activity has received the cordial care and guidance from the district teaching and research office and the leaders of Guanmiao middle school, and the strong support and positive response from the leaders and teachers of the five joint film schools.

  Also attending the activity are the famous teachers and colleagues of brother school. Welcome to come.

  Once again, on behalf of Gongjin town center, I would like to express my warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, experts and famous teachers!

  1. Now, let's welcome President Hong Kai of Jinjin nine year school

  2. Director Zhu of the teaching and Research Office of the district took the time out of his busy schedule to come to our school to check and guide the joint film teaching and research work. Now, please welcome Director Zhu with warm applause.

  3. Introduce the agenda of today's event.

  There are four main items: opening ceremony, class attendance, group assessment and expert guidance lecture.

  Summary meeting in the afternoon:

  First item of agenda: let's welcome Mr. Zhang tufang, a municipal teaching expert, to give a speech on the growth of young teachers with warm applause.

  The second agenda: next, let's invite the experts from the teaching and research section of the district to make brilliant comments and guidance speeches on this activity.

  We have highly affirmed our teaching and research activities. At the same time, we also find out the existing shortcomings, and point out the direction for our future classroom teaching work and the growth of young teachers. Let us get enlightenment. After the meeting, we will seriously reflect and strive to promote the in-depth development of our school's teaching work, and strive to promote teachers to improve their own teaching level.

  Third agenda: finally, let's invite principal Luo of Guanmiao middle school to give a speech.

  In recent years, Guanmiao middle school has been actively organizing and guiding schools in the area to hold "joint film teaching and research" activities, to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between schools, promote school-based teaching and research, promote professional growth of teachers, create efficient classroom, and improve teaching quality. This joint film teaching and research activity can be held in our school. We are very encouraged and sincerely hope to build a bridge between our brother schools, provide opportunities for teachers to learn, exchange and discuss, and promote every teacher to actively participate in teaching research and innovation. It can play a positive role in promoting the teaching, research and reform of the school. I believe that under the strong guidance of the district teaching and research office and Guanmiao middle school, and with the strong support of the joint film schools, more charming classes will be created and more teaching and research flowers will bloom in the future. Let's learn under the guidance of experts, let's grow up in peer cooperation, and let's reap wonderful results in cooperation and exchange!

  Finally, this activity has come to an end. Once again, I sincerely thank all leaders and experts for their guidance, support and help.
















教研活动的英语主持词 篇三

  Dear teachers Zhang and Liang, good morning!

  Spring in March, willow slightly inclined. Today, we are looking forward to Chinese teaching with great enthusiasm. In this spring season, we meet again with the teaching and research activities of famous teachers' studio. Every teaching and research activity of our famous teachers' Studio records everyone's efforts and efforts. It is a footmark of our progress, a spark of our communication and thinking, and a self sublimation of our harvest. Today we would like to thank teachers Zhou XX and WAN XX for their two wonderful seminars. Both teachers have made careful preparation and paid hard work. Next, we will discuss and exchange the two classes in the morning, and take the two classes as the carrier to discuss how to improve the effectiveness of writing in primary Chinese class. I hope you still don't have to grudge your words; you don't have to worry. Let's speak out your questions and puzzles, say your opinions, introduce your valuable experience, and sincerely hope that this teaching and research activity can contribute to our progress.

  The teacher's sincere and wonderful communication reflects a kind of wisdom and charm in the communication, and analyzes and evaluates this lesson from different aspects, which is of great value to promote our professional growth and solve the problems found in the teaching. "Classroom teaching is an art with regrets". Because there are regrets forever, we will keep forging ahead and growing up.

  Teachers' comments are really different from each other. Because of the time, everyone's comments will come to an end.

  Thank you for your free speech, and thank you for your wonderful comments. In the end, two hosts are invited to comment on the two classes and summarize the teaching and research activities.

  Thanks to Mr. Liang and Mr. Zhang for their wonderful comments; the two hosts' speeches are from a high position, concrete and vivid, and enlightening.

  Time flies fast. Our activity today is coming to an end. However, our steps for Chinese teaching practice never stop. There is a long way to go. We must walk from now on. Although we are far away, we should cherish it. We believe that we will see a more beautiful education landscape and enjoy a more meaningful education happiness along the way. Thank you again for your active participation. I wish you a happy return and safety.



  老师真诚而精彩的交流,思如风发,言如泉涌,在交流中投射着一种智慧,一种魅力,从不同的侧面对本节课进行了分析评价,这对于促进我们的专业成长,解决教学中发现的问题具有重要的价值。 “课堂教学是一门有遗憾的艺术”,正因为永远有遗憾,我们才会不断进取,不断成长。