On the way home from school on Friday, I saw my favorite toy, the yo yo. I used to put my yo yo in my grandfather"s house, so I asked my mother to buy one for me. My mother said that the quality of the one I bought at the roadside shop was not good. I asked my father to buy it online when I came home. I agreed.


  As soon as I got home, I dared to call on dad to help me buy it. Dad turned on the computer. My sister and I picked out the model we liked online and asked Dad to place an order. But it shows that it will arrive on Monday. It"s very urgent! I wish I could get it right away. It"ll be fun on Saturday and Sunday. It"s not easy to come back from work on Monday. I can"t wait to ask my father for a Yo Yo, but my father helplessly shrugs down his shoulders and says to me, "I"m sorry, my father left so soon after work that he forgot to bring it back." ah, I"m disappointed!